In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

                                 Eid Mubarak

On behalf of Badr Ethiopia we would like to congratulate you for this special occasion of Eid Al-Fitr and we ask Allah SW to accept our fasting and prayer. Eid as it is described by Prophet Mohamed (Peace and Blessing of Allah be up on him) is an occasion where Muslims have to enjoy and celebrate showing their gratefulness to Allah for all the bounties that He has showered upon us. It is also a time for Muslims to remember the poor and those who are less fortunate.

This year’s Eid Celebration comes on the heels of a major victory of Ethiopian Muslims toward achieving their independent Islamic institutions and the bridging of the schism that existed among our community because of government interference in the affairs of our religion.  This is indeed a unique celebration that we all should be grateful to Allah SW and pray for the leadership of the peaceful struggle and those who sacrificed immensely during the most difficult and protracted right struggle in the history of our country.  While the future looks promising, the immediate multifaceted needs of meeting these challenges are manifested in the recent financial request made by our Mufti Hajji Omer Idriss.  Thus, Badr urges all member communities and all Ethiopian Muslims in general to respond to this immediate call generously.

Badr Ethiopia would like to seize this opportunity to call upon all Ethiopian Muslims to exert an extra effort to bring the Umah to unity and close ranks in order to assist in this nascent change for the benefit of our future generation. We strongly believe that we are witnessing a dramatic shift in government policies and the onus is on us to capitalize on these positive changes and contribute not only to the growth of Ethiopian Muslims but the country as a whole.

Once again, we wish you and the Muslim world a happy and pleasant Eid Al-Fitr.

               Badr Ethiopia     North America      June 3, 2019

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