In order to carry out this mission and vision, the specific objectives of Badr shall be to:

1. Organize, direct, coordinate, and guide member chapters that are established as private associations of individuals seeking to enhance their Islamic knowledge and bring social change to Ethiopian Muslims Community in Ethiopia and abroad and Ethiopian heritage through education, collaboration, social networking, community awareness, public relations, publications, media relations, seminars, workshops.

2. Utilize its member chapters to provide educational programs, instructional materials,and practical guidelines for and professional development with Islamic teachings.

3. Engage in research that sheds light on Islamic history and Ethiopian Muslim history and results in the establishment of national Islamic institutions such as museums,universities and banking systems in Ethiopia.

4. Coordinate educational training programs that provide Islamic knowledge and launch Islamic leadership projects such that trained members can employ their expertise in negotiations, conflict resolutions voting right issues and human rights.

5. Serve as a bridge between Ethiopian Muslims in the Diaspora and Ethiopian Muslims
in Ethiopia by establishing institutions of integrity, sponsoring of high caliber scholars,
exchanging academicians and spiritual leaders to the entire Ethiopian Muslims.

6. Empower Ethiopian Muslims in the Diaspora to assist in their economic development and growth utilizing the human and natural resources available to them in Ethiopia

7. Pursue intercultural and interfaith dialogs that will greatly contribute to mutual
understandings, cooperation, and peaceful coexistence among diverse people in the The United States and around the world


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