Introduction of the Badr’s Vision: Excellence is embodied in the principles and directives of Badr for self-sufficiency and individual accountability. Through its member chapters, Badr will help organize and educate Ethiopian Muslims about the proper teachings and practices of Islam as well as the authentic understanding and maintenance of their heritage in all aspects of their lives. History occupies a pivotal spot in the vision of Badr.

Through the development of a high level of organizational structure, Badr hopes to enlighten Ethiopians of all persuasions about the accurate history and contributions of Ethiopian Muslims. Badr believes that historical milestones in the context of Islam are indispensable to the personal and professional development of model citizens who will uphold moral values and exert positive force for peace and justice in society.

Ethiopian Muslims in the Diasporas share common heritage and roots with Ethiopians in the homeland. Consequently, it will be one of Badr’s main objectives to help organize, empower and establish strong institutions in Ethiopia that will provide guidance and direction to Ethiopian Muslims at the religious, economic and social levels. Vision: Badr’s vision is to bring positive social change through intensive involvements and contributions with innovative solutions that are sustainable and replicable for Ethiopian Muslims in Ethiopia and abroad.


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