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 A Message from Badr’s President 

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Welcome to Badr’s 13th Annual Convention

Atlanta, Georgia 

Peace Be Upon You,

Dear Prospective Convention Participants, 

The 2013 Badr convention this year will be in Atlanta, Georgia. This marks the second time the convention has been hosted by the Nagashi Community Center of Atlanta. The last such occasion in Atlanta was held in 2007 when over 2,000 Badr visitors graced the city of Hotlanta. It was a very hot weekend and the city is still a hot hub for a number of superlatives: where the busiest airport in America resides; where the Georgia Aquarium, supposedly the largest aquarium in the world is located; and where Coca-cola originated. Atlanta is also a center of business where scores of Fortune 500 and 1000 companies are either headquartered or have offices. One note of caution for Atlanta is that every other street has either "Peachtree" or "Dunwoody" in its name. We do not know why but please be prepared for even the best GPS to get you lost. Convention Home

The Nagashi Community Center of Atlanta has been a good partner with Badr in executing convention protocols in the past. In 2007, Badr conducted its convention in the city not long after a Badr delegation visited Ethiopia to raise awareness of the burning issues of the time for Ethiopian Muslims. During the Ethiopian visit and subsequent meeting with the late Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, the top demand of the native Ethiopian Muslims at that time was the overhaul of the Islamic Affairs Council (i.e. Majlees) and the urgent need to restructure the institution’s style of governance and election format. It is now 2013, that same demand has come full circle and the Muslims are asking the same question again, except that it just keeps falling on deaf ears. Echoes of foul are still are in every street corner of towns and villages when the government colludes with the Majlees to officially invite a alien sect and coercively impose its foreign ideology and indoctrination policy on the innocent and peaceful Ethiopian Muslims who are being persecuted for their resistance and adherence to their millennium-old belief system that has withstood and weathered the test of time.

On the account of such an unfathomable debacle, the theme of the convention this year is “United We Stand for Religious Freedom”. This is in commemoration of the first year of struggle of the Ethiopian Muslims to show their grievances against government interference in their religious affairs in contravention of the constitution. The Muslims have a legitimate demand that should be addressed amicably and swiftly.

As for this year’s convention, we believe that Badr and Nagashi will be successful in their grand partnership to execute another wonderful gathering of like-minded people in Atlanta as they did in 2007, when they organized and executed one of the best conventions in Badr history. The Negashi Community Center of Atlanta was the host that handled this massive operation without so much as a hitch. It can do that again this year. The theme of the convention then was “Challenges and Opportunities in History”. It was a challenging time then and it is still a challenging time now for Ethiopian Muslims in the homeland. We encourage all of you to think of peace as the driving force for eventual victory and find that golden moment of opportunity out of the sheer challenges of the time.

We welcome you to Badr’s 13th annual convention. The program is jam-packed with Da’awa lectures, educational forums and intellectual discourses. In addition, there will be a round table panel discussion featuring prominent scholars in the fields of constitutional rights, freedom of religion and Ethiopian history. Please register early and save. This website is equipped with registration forms and payment methods. Please do not delay! June is not that far away. Also, by your presence, you can show your solidarity with the “Prisoners of Conscience” who are paying a higher price for the freedom of all Ethiopians in the motherland.

Thank you!
Washington DC



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