Badr's Goals and Objectives

Here are Badr's main goals and objectives in a nutshell:

  1. To propagate the true teachings of Islam based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah
  2. To preserve and defend the Islamic belief, heritage, values and practice of Ethiopian Muslims
  3. To build Ethiopian Muslim organizations into a unified force of high integrity
  4. To develop a strong foundation of support and charity to Muslims in Ethiopia
  5. To educate and engage in interfaith dialog for mutual understanding and respect

Short explanations for the above objectives in order given above:

  1. The first objective listed above is purely Da'awa (invitation to Islam)
  2. The second shows our Priority is with Ethiopian Muslims in Ethiopia and abroad
  3. The third shows that Badr's power base is the local chapters that can streamline its operations
  4. The fourth is where our target of support and charity is (i.e. Muslims in Ethiopia)
  5. The fifth is interfaith dialog so that adherents of other religions know us and respect us.

Badr Ethiopia is an Ethiopian non-political, not-for-profit, non-governmental community-based organization that was established to foster and promote the Islamic way of Life for Ethiopian Muslims by seeking to preserve their Islamic beliefs, values, Islamic heritage.

Badr strives to educate the Ethiopian Muslim Community’s balanced representation and participation in the present PAN-Ethiopian institutions in accordance with constitutional principles and provisions concerning the human, democratic, political, economic, educational, social, cultural, linguistic, and religious rights, freedoms, unity, and equality of all Ethiopian nations, nationalities, and peoples in Ethiopia and Diaspora.

Badr commits to enlighten Ethiopian Muslims about their constitutional rights and obligations under a democratic system of government here in our homeland of North America and native land of Ethiopia. It will also organize and coordinate local chapter establishments in various states to facilitate its mission and objectives. In that light, it will also be the mission of Badr to strive constantly and to continually expand its worldwide network of member chapters by offering greater numbers of Ethiopian Muslims the opportunity to benefit from its eclectic programs.

Badr has so far been at the forefront of community services that include religious practices; civic engagements; social development programs; marital counseling; immigration support; financial education; emergency assistance to families; hunger and homelessness eradication efforts through its various affiliates in North America. Badr has also been the vanguard of support and contributions to drought victims in Ethiopia, gifts of ancient artifacts to museums, promotion of conflict resolution through seminars and workshops; involvement of exhibitions for the Lucy’s (ancestral ancient fossil of mankind) visit from Ethiopia to America.