Statement of Condemnation from Badr Ethiopia about Barbaric Atrocities Against Ethiopians

 ◌ۖ ”… وَلَ تَ قْتُلُوا النَّفْسَ الَّتِي حَرَّمَ للهَّ إِلَّا بِالْحَقِّ ذَٰلِكُمْ وَصَّاكُم بِهِ لَعَلَّكُمْ تَعْقِلُو

 "…and do not commit any shameful deeds, be they open or secret; and do not take any human being's life – [the life] which Allah has declared to be sacred – otherwise than in [the pursuit of] justice [and rule of law]: this has He enjoined upon you so that you might use your reason[wisdom]; (Sura An’am, (6) 151)

 Badr Ethiopia International Ethiopian Muslims Organization extremely condemns the heinous and barbaric carnage of innocent Ethiopians in Libya. We at Badr Ethiopia are extremely shocked and saddened that such inhumanity was committed not only in utter violation of the commandments of our creator, Allah (swt) but also using our peaceful religion as a ploy for such unspeakable horror. We are extremely agitated by the ISIS’/ISIL’s attempt at hijacking our religion to justify such heinous acts.

Allah (swt), our master and creator, sanctified human life to such a great extent that a single human life is equated with the entire mankind.

“…whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land - it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely..”

(Al Maidah (5) 32)

.While human life is regarded in such extreme reverence in Islam,it is very clear that ISIS/ISIL and other similar groups that are capable of purporting such savagery can never be associated with our peaceful religion and the final revelation and guidance of the almighty Allah (swt) to mankind.

We ask Allah (swt) to grant relief and patience to the families of the innocent victims and repay the savage perpetrators in accordance with their actions. We also demand the various governments to honor their moral obligation to immediately bring the savage perpetrators to justice for their unspeakable crime against our innocent kith and kin victims.

Badr Ethiopia would also like to express our deepest sadness and condemnation of the ongoing xenophobic attacks and atrocities against Ethiopians and other Africans in South Africa. We strongly urge South Africans to remember their own recent history regarding the ugliness and misery of racial discrimination under apartheid and the fact that Ethiopians and other Africans fought, suffered and shed their blood with South Africans to bring about the end of that disgraceful era. It is extremely saddening to witness a return of such heinous acts against Ethiopians and other Africans in South Africa and we demand justice for all the innocent victims of the ongoing xenophobic crimes.

 Badr Ethiopia International Muslim Organization

Board of Directors

North America

April 20, 2015